About us

The company

Most Significant Bytes was founded in 2018 by Cédric Babeix and Lucien Sanchez.

Initially specialized in Wi-Fi and computer security, we now work in areas such as IP telephony (ToIP), virtualization, development, and wired local networks (LAN).

From integration to maintenance and supervision, we are present at every stage of the life of the systems we implement.

Cédric Babeix

Partner and co-founder of MSB, Cédric is mainly in charge of the cybersecurity and development division.

Cédric worked for several years as a freelancer. He has produced management applications for many clients and conducted network security audits. This transversal expertise gives him a complete vision of the different needs of IT systems.

Lucien Sanchez

Partner and co-founder of MSB, Lucien is mainly in charge of the Wi-Fi division.

During his career, Lucien worked for several years for a network integrator where he carried out many integration and audit services for Wi-Fi and wired networks. This experience has allowed him to achieve a high level of expertise in these areas.

The team

Cédric and Lucien are supported by a team of 6 people. In order of arrival in the company:

Kelyan Marchal - Apprentice Networks and Telecommunications Engineer

Maxime Lecorgne - Operations Analyst

Kévin Dos Santos - Network Administrator

Thomas Lieumont - Apprentice Network Technician

Kévin Duguet - Systems Architect

Johan Gobaly - Help Desk Technician

The MSB team is young, dynamic and able to adapt quickly to all situations. Our current and past customers will be able to testify to their experiences with us.